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Seacoast Artillery Company is dedicated to producing the very highest quality scale re-creations of those monstrous, mammoth, magnificent Civil War Cannons. (i.e. Seacoast Guns) Our cannons and all their parts are made entirely in the United States of America. Available now is our re-creation of the100 Pdr. Parrott Rifle, (6.4) Model 1861 which is pictured to the right.

Safety is our paramount concern as makers of fully-functional artillery. It is precisely this concern which drove us to make our rifled artillery tubes from 4150 or 4140 High Power Rifle Barrel Steel. After final polishing, these Parrott Rifle tubes are gun blued for a beautiful and tough finish.

We use authentic methods to produce the best 1/6th scale artillery in the world. We even use a shaper to make all those slots in the axles and cross-pins of the 19th century carriage design. When you buy one of our Civil War cannons to display in your collection or take to the range, you better be prepared to answer questions, LOTS of questions!! This website will provide many answers. Explore it thoroughly. Enjoy!

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