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100 Pdr. Parrott

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That’s right! We are taking orders for the 100 Pdr. Parrott Rifle, Model 1861 right now. This gun is the very first in our “Magnificent Seacoast Gun Series” which will feature re-creations of four big seacoast guns or rifles with documented histories of use in the Civil War. The re-creations that we make of those magnificent seacoast guns of the Civil War are just like the originals in every respect, only smaller.

What do we mean by the word, “RE-CREATIONS”? We use this word to describe what we make in an effort to differentiate our products from any “models” or “copies” or “replicas” or “re-productions” out in the artillery marketplace today. There are customers and uses and reasons to buy all of these kinds of “artillery”. We define our “re-creations” of specific, historical, Civil War seacoast guns as “authentic, robust, fully-functional, seacoast artillery which has all the details of the originals, in a reduced size”. A model cannon, by contrast, can be made of any material including plastic, plaster, wood, aluminum, etc. and be perfectly acceptable to those who want a model to look at. Beware of anything described as a “copy”. Usually these are cheaply made and display elements of European, American and even Asian artillery in the same piece! Yuck. Replicas and re-productions can run the gamut from truly admirable guns, made well from quality materials, to just awful pieces of garbage that you would hate to be seen with. Price is a pretty good guide here, but no more important than the maker’s reputation. Do your own research and you will very rarely get burned.

Ours is truly portable heavy artillery, comprised of three main groups. There is the Barrel Group which includes the tube, sights and elevation assembly. The Chassis and Upper Carriage Group consists of those two robust assemblies. Then there is the Base Group which includes the traverse tracks, pintle-pin, the oak base and associated hardware. No group weighs more than 50 pounds, and all together, assembled, they weigh only 90 pounds. Now that is what we are talking about when we say “portable artillery”. Remember too, this really beautiful cannon not only contains ALL the details of the originals, but it also is completely functional. This means that it looks like, moves like, shoots like and recoils like an original gun. We build these cannons in EXACT one-sixth scale. Not one piece of hardware was purchased “over-the-counter”. Mike and I make all 300+ pieces of hardware that hold each of these marvelous miniatures together. All the cannon building is done and all the raw materials are purchased right here in the United States.

Yes, technically the term, miniature, is correct. Miniature firearms collectors generally term any cannon re-produced in one-quarter scale or smaller, like 1/6, 1/8, 1/10th, etc., a miniature. Even so, when you first see this bold, powerful gun, it sure doesn’t make you think of that word.

There is a lot of information contained in this site. Be sure to check out all the menus. If you want complete information on the 100 Pdr. Parrott which currently being made, please look at the menu titled, “Product Information”. This is where the complete photo set is located. Info. about cost and availability too. Enjoy yourself; explore.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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