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A little about the company:

Our company was incorporated in the State of Colorado in 1994. Until 2002, the company’s name was Integrated Quality Services and it’s purpose was to provide professional inspection and calibration services to the manufacturing industry. We built scale artillery on the side. We also did countless hours of artillery research using source materials gathered from all over the United States and from around the world.

The two founders, Tracy Kunze and Michael Couture, came from opposite ends of our country in 1976 to attend a well-respected gunsmithing school, the Colorado School of Trades in Lakewood, CO. While we were students, we developed an interest in big-bore rifles and pursued those interests by building and shooting a variety of traditional Creedmore rifles and also some small cannons. Growing families and just plain old making a living delayed these pursuits for twenty years. Working for Quality departments in aerospace, aircraft and computer companies taught us a lot about manufacturing and quality assurance. We developed methods to manufacture our cannons, which guarantee absolute quality. Mike and I are quality fanatics. We have multiple quality steps built into each manufacturing process. A quality product can only be assured if each part of each assembly is checked incrementally as it is made. Our three priorities are: Quality, Delivery and Price. If you arrange these priorities in any other order you will only achieve one of three or maybe two of three, never all of them. After a combined 56 years in quality control, Mike and I can say with 100% certainty that Cheaper, Faster, Better is impossible !

Our company’s basic philosophy is to build the best scale artillery in the world with special emphasis on safety, authentic features, exactness of scale and 100% functionality. Our emphasis on safety caused us to select high-power rifle barrel steel for our artillery tubes. We use no cast iron or seamless tubing in our cannon barrels. Instead, we make the entire barrel, reinforce, trunnions and all out of one piece of 4140 or 4150 chrome-molly steel. This results in a lot more machining time, but the customer just doesn’t have to worry about the tube’s strength at all.

Our emphasis on functionality caused us to design and build a rifling machine so we can provide any type of historically accurate rifling that a particular seacoast gun had. We test-fire every rifled or smooth bore tube we make with five maximum service loads to assure accuracy and safety. We include the actual target that results from this test firing in the package of accessories included with every cannon we make. If you would like to order a cannon or have questions about anything presented in this website, please see the contact information below.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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