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Safety First !

Shooting black powder artillery of any size is inherently dangerous. Safety Rules MUST be followed for you to retain the use of all of your fingers, your hearing, your eyesight, and your life. Seacoast Artillery Company’s personnel follow all these rules when firing our products. A complete “Safety Rules Folder” is included with every gun we make. Learn these rules and follow all of them if you decide to fire your cannon. This cannon is no toy! The energy produced by the typical load is around 10,000 foot pounds which exceeds almost all elephant gun loads.

In the Safety Rules Folder, under the heading “VI Load powder”, of the Ten Step Standard Procedure, there is a sub-paragraph, “E”, which cautions the cannon loader and firer, “Do not proceed to load unless 3 minutes has elapsed since the gun was last fired. Check your watch.” Seacoast Artillery Company cautions the person firing our products to wait at least ten minutes before loading the next charge of black powder. This extra waiting period allows any embers, which may have been missed during the normal cleaning cycle to extinguish before the powder is loaded for the next shot.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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