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Replica Civil War Cannon - Shooting Practice
- The Bolt`s Effect on .407 Inch Thk. Structural Steel
- Structural Steel U-Channel is Holed
- Almost, but NO CIGAR!
- The Radiating Cracks in This Plate Indicate Very Mild Steel
- Effect on the Dirt Bank Behind the Target
- A Selection of Hardened Bolts for the `Ironclad Tests of 2006`
- Target Support Structure
- The Gunner`s View of the Armor Simulation Target
- Mike Prepares an Extra Long Fuze.
- An All Business Boiler Plate Buster
- 1/2 Inch Boiler Plated Holed
- Exit Hole for the Half Inch Core
- One Half Inch Boiler Plate Back-Boards Holed
- A `Navy Theory` Ironclad Killer
- Carbide Core Shattered-Bolt Failed to Hole the 3/4 Inch Boiler Plate
- Shattered Carbide Detail and Crater Detail
- Projectile Placed in the Divot it Created
- Lots of Energy Wasted in Changing the Shape of Bolt Components
- 1 Inch Target Plate Bulge is 1/4 Inch High at the Plate`s Rear
- Close-up of the Bolt That Did Not Penetrate the Structural Steel U-Channel
- Same Bolt, Nose View
- 5.5 oz., `Navy Theory` Bolt

Why Order a Civil War Cannon from Seacoast Artillery?

100 Pdr Parrott Function

100 Pdr Parrott Historic Information

100 Pdr. Parrott - Civil War Cannon Production Cost, Delivery and Timeline

100 Pdr. Parrott Accessories

100 Pdr. Parrott Details

100 Pdr. Parrott Photo Gallery
- Muzzle Face and Rifling
- Maker`s Plate
- Right Trunnion and Reinforced Cheek
- Right Trunnion and Rimbase Detail
- Curved Cheek Brace
- Left Trunnion Details
- Implement Hooks are Blacksmithed
- Oak Octagon Deck
- Elevation Screw Yoke and Pivot
- 100 Pdr. Parrot Accesories
- the BOLT, left and the SHELL, right
- Rivers of Rivets Battalions of Bolts
- Right Rear Quarter View
- Left Rear Quarter View
- Muzzle View See Rifling
- Muzzle View See Hemisphere
- Top View of Tube
- Rear Wheel Forks Visible Here
- Upper Carriage Front Right
- Pintle Pedestal, Pin, Plate
- Cast Upper Carriage Wheel
- One of Two Counterhurters.
- Elevation Screw and Rear Sight
- Cascable and Breech Details
- Right Carriage Wheel
- Front Wheel Forks
- Eccentric Axle Position
- Eccentric Axle Pin Position
- Wrench Handle Position
- Eccentric Axle Bushing Detail
- Top View of the `Bathtub Plate`
- Third Transom, Bathtub Plate, Pintle-Pin Bracket, and Large Rear Wheels
- Our Prototype Won This Award
- Award for 100 Pdr. Parrott Rifle

100 Pdr. Parrott

Available Now!

Firing the Parrott 100 Pdr
- August 2006 Heavy Loads More Accurate!
- Accuracy Testing on the Remote Northern Colorado High Plains
- Vigorous Recoil Controlled by Two Sets of Counterhurters
- Counterhurters in EXACT One-Sixth Scale Work Wonderfully
- `Chill-Nose Bolts` and Display Shells
- Target Ammo Piles Up in June of 2006
- Cheeze-cloth Sun Screen for the Chronograph
- First Shot of the Day
- Standard Small Cannon Shooting Equipment
- `Sticky Worm` Explained
- DO NOT Forget to Aim!
- A Wind-Proof Lighter is Absolutely Necessary When Shooting on the Colorado Prairie
- The 100 Yard Target is Obscured by Black Powder Smoke
- Mike and Dave Check the Target After Three Shots
- The New Gunner Looks Pretty Relaxed
- Momentary Atmospheric Overpressure
- This Target Proves Instability Present in Early Testing
- Greased Bullets Don`t Help Much
- More Powder Means More Pressure
- Increase Powder Charge to 350 Grains
- A little More Powder Please
- 1225 Feet Per Second Velocity
- One Little Change-One Vast Improvement
- Another Group in the Three to Four Inch Range
- Complete Elimination of `Flyers` is Our New Goal
- Target Impact at 100 Yards; Ricochet at 175 Yards and Final Impact at 1,200 Yards
- Safety Equipment in View
- The 2005 Casper, Wyoming Cannon Shoot
- The Full-Size 3 Inch Rifles are Competing at 400 Yards

Parrott 100 Pdr Specifications

Penetration Tests for the Parrot 100 Pdr.
- test

7 INCH Brooke

Future Products in the ``Magnificent Seacoast Gun Series``
- 150 Pdr. Armstrong Rifle Mounted on the Excellent Reproduction Carriage by Paulson Brothers Ordinance Corp.
- The 7 Inch Treble-Banded Brooke Rifle in Battery Marion on Sullivan`s Island

Rifled Test Barrel Shooting
- The 1.000 Inch, Four Groove Rifled Bore Testing Fixture
- Lathe-Turned Bullets
- Six Ounce Solid Steel Target Bullets
- First Firing of a Test Barrel
- First Test Barrel Targets at 25 and 100 Yards
- Unstabilized Bolt, .014 Inch Thick Skirt
- Bullet Skirt/Rifling Engagement Test
- Recoil of About Two Feet
- An EXPERIMENTAL Bolt Recovered From a Dirt Bank
- The First Rifled Barrel Test-Firing Fixture
- First Successful Test Barrel, First Shot, .020 Thick Skirt, Nice Round Hole
- The Experimental Barrel is Aimed at the Target Though a Four Power Scope
- The Choronograph is Silhouetted Against the Black Powder Smoke
- Thumbs Up! A 5 Shot, 3.25 Inch Group at 100 Yards
- The 3.25 Inch Group Close-up
- Our Firing Range in Northern Colorado


Shooting Seacoast Artillery Civil War Cannons

Attention to Detail
- Navy Gun, Markings on Reinforce
- Naval Breech Reinforce Markings by Seacoast Artillery Company
- Bottom of the 1859 Seacoast Chassis at Fort Pulaski near Savannah, Georgia
- Seacoast Artillery Company Duplicates Rivets, Bolts, Brackets, and Hooks
- U.S. Navy Anchor Mark on an Original 100 Pdr. Parrott Tube
- Details Like This One are Worth Looking For!
- Original Trunnion Markings
- Left Trunnion Markings
- A Zoom View of the Elevation Gear
- We Re-create the Smallest Detail, the Elevation Screw Handle Knob
- Elevation Gear Details
- One-Sixth Scale Elevation Screw Assembly
- The Rear of the Original 1859 Carriage at Fort Pulaski, Georgia
- The Front of Our Scale 100 Pdr. Parrott Carriage
- Muzzle Markings and Rifling Details
- The Rifling Alone Displays Extraordinary Detail on a Cannon in This Scale
- The 1859, Iron, Seacoast, Barbette Upper Carriage
- Eccentric Axle Hardware of the Upper Carriage
- City Park Tube in Denver, Colorado
- Right Trunnion Markings on the Seacoast Artillery Company`s 100 Pdr. Parrott Rifle
- Riveted Trunnion Cradle at Fort Pulaski, Georgia
- Our Re-creation of Those Trunnion Cradle Features
- Front Sight `Boss`, 2006; Front Sight `Mass` 1861
- The Front Sight Boss Re-Created
- Rear Details on the 100 Pdr. Chassis at Fort Totten in 1864
- Rear Chassis and and Breech Detail
- Bolt-Pattern in the Upper Carriage Rear Cross-Over Plate
- Rear Upper Carriage Details Including the Six Bolts
- The All-Important Field Drawing
- Details Would be Impossible to Re-Create Without a Field Drawing
- Shape Duplicator Transfers Breech Radius From Original Tube to the Field Drawing
- The Spherical Radius of the Breech is Carefully Re-created

- Lots of Hand Filing Done in Our Shop
- Woodworker Mike?
- A Working Assembly Bench
- Brass rod to Elevation Screw
- The Wax Positive
- Roughed out Brooke Tubes
- 216 Lb. Round on Bridgeport Mill
- Swapping Ends
- Trunnion Ring is Sawed
- From the Bandsaw to here
- Rough-milling the Trunnions
- Finishing trunnion Ends
- Milling the Trunnion Ring
- By the Numbers
- A little inspection
- Turning the Secondary Taper
- Lathe-filing Muzzle Cylinder
- Milling the Cascable
- Drilling the Cascable
- Boring Breeching Jaws
- Drilling the Vent
- Drilling the Breech-face
- Drilling the Wheel-Forks
- Broaching a Wrench
- Upper Carriage front and Eccentric Axle
- Rifling Machine Parts
- Rifling Machine Handwheel
- Flycutting Aluminum
- Second Prototype Tube
- Ready to Rifle
- The First Rifling Head Cuts a 4 GrooveTest Barrel
- The Fourth EXPERIMENTAL TEST BARREL with a One Inch Bore Shot This 3.25 Inch, 100 Yard Group
- The Shiny and Smooth Bore, Gundrilled and Reamed, Gives up Steel Curls as it is Rifled
- The 9-Position Indexer

Historical Research
- Big Gun in Battery Rogers on the Potomac River
- 100 Pdr. Parrott Rifle
- Original Chassis Details
- 100 Pdr. Parrott at Yorktown, Virginia in 1862
- Gun Crew at Leisure
- The U.S.S. Catskill in Charleston Harbor in 1865
- Field Drawings are part of Field Research
- Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.
- Powder Monkey Onboard the USS New Hampshire
- Fort McAllister, Georgia
- 8 Inch Columbiad
- United States Military Academy Cadets with the 150 Pdr. Armstrong Rifle at West Point, N.Y.
- Left Trunnion with British Markings
- The Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe, Virginia
- Large Scale Historic Photos at the Casemate Museum
- The Fort Caswell 150 Pdr. Armstrong Rifle at Annapolis, Maryland after the War
- Federal Fort Putnam; Before September 1863, Confederate Battery Gregg
- Overhead View of the 100 Pdr. Parrott Front Sight Area
- Truncated Rivets of the Chassis
- Early 1900s Image of a Big Rodman Gun Firing
- The Greatest Entrance That a School Ever Had
- Excellent Example-Ravelin
- Waterveliet Arsenal Museum
- In the Curator`s Office
- Belt-driven Machine Tools at Waterveliet Arsenal Museum
- Waterveliet Arsenal Machine-Shop Museum
- A Belt-driven Horizontal milling Machine
- Pintle-Pin and Plates from CSS Neuse
- The Old Stone Fort
- No Threaded Hole in the Cascable for the Elevation Screw
- 32 Pdr. Bureau of Ordinance Guns of 4,500 Pounds
- Mike Points to the Cannon Ball Hole
- A Helpful Sign
- Accurate, Cut-Rifled Barrels are This Company`s Hallmark
- Cool Clouds Above our Motel in Wichita, Kansas

- View From the Parapet of Fort Morgan, Alabama
- Muzzle Dimple-Test Coupon
- The Hot-Shot Furnace at Fort Morgan, Alabama
- Ft. Morgan 32 Pdr. Seacoast Gun
- 32 Pdr. Barbette Gun
- Fort Morgan, Alabama
- Another Big Brooke Rifle
- Brooke Breech
- A Granite Puzzle Piece
- A Granite Barbette Seacoast Gun Mount
- Southwest Bastion Fort Morgan, Alabama
- Steep Steps to Water Battery
- One Heavily Armed Mobile Home Park
- Fort Gaines Path to Sally Port
- Fort Gaines Ditch and Carnot Wall
- Southwestern Bastion and Carnot Wall at Ft. Gaines, Alabama
- Front-Pintle Barbette Seacoast Gun Positions
- 45 Deg. Splice in Traverse Track
- A Fort Gaines Rifled 32 Pdr.
- Rifling in one 32 Pdr. Unbanded Gun
- Rifled 32 Pdr. Ammunition
- Ordinance Stores Casemate
- 8 Inch Parrott Muzzle

- Fort Delaware`s 8 Inch Columbiad Fires from the Northwest Bastion

- Fort Clinch in Florida
- Old Habits Are Hard to Break
- Fort Clinch-Ferandina Beach, FL
- Overtime for the Masons
- Rifle Slit, Ft. Clinch Bastion
- A Photo in the `You Wish!` category
- A Very Unique 3rd System Fort in Florida
- Central Chassis Eccentric
- Reloaded, Run Into Battery and Fired in Less Than Seven Minutes
- Cascable Breakage Problem Solved
- The Western Bastion Gun, a 15 Inch Rodman Columbiad
- Plenty O` Details Here

- Savannah, Georgia
- Old Fort Jackson Savannah, Georgia
- 32 Pdr. Seacoast Gun
- Right Trunnion Detail
- Flank Howitzer Position at Old Fort Jackson
- Old Fort Jackson Barbette Level
- Shell Filling Room at Ft. Jackson
- More Ordinance Supplies and Tools
- Short, 6.4 Inch Dia. Projectiles
- Split in Half by Massive Explosion
- Southwest Demibastion Ft. Pulaski
- Sally Port Fort Pulaski, Georgia
- Protection From Federal Bombardment
- Original Carriage Classy Replica Tube
- Filling More Notebooks with Data
- Lot and Lots of Details
- 1859 Upper Carriage Bolts, Nut, Washer Detail
- Cheek Reinforcing and the Trunnion Yokes
- Blakley Rifles Used in the Battle
- 24 Pdr. Flank Howitzer
- Rear View of the Flank Howitzer
- Demibastion Frontal Howitzer Embrasure
- Hardened, Red-Brick Demibastion Embrasure
- Contents of the Powder Magazine
- Cause of the Confederate Capitulation
- Love the Look of That Masonry
- Shell Fragment Damage to the Powder Magazine Wall
- Enemy View of the Ravelin Moat
- Hurray! They Moved This Sign
- Long Range Artillery Damage to the Scarp
- The Area of the Breech
- East Scarp Ft. Pulaski
- East Facing Scarp
- Close-up of East Scarp Damage
- The Northern End of the Impacted Area
- End of the Damaged Zone
- North Scarp Nicked After All
- North Scarp Final View
- Lots of Deer Out in Those Fields Now
- An 8 Inch Columbiad With Muzzle Damage Sustained During the April 1862 Battle
- A Few Members of the Fort Pulaski Deer Herd
- A View of Fort Pulaski From the Lazaretto Creek Bridge
- Tybe Island, Georgia
- A Little `Friendly Fire` Here
- CSS Albemarle Casemate
- 11 Inch Brooke Smoothbore
- Mike is Standing on the Chattahoochee Side of the Gun
- The Gunner`s View
- Pivot Carriage Detail
- The Brooke`s Business End
- 7 Inch Brooke Muzzle

- 15 Inch Rodman Guns Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland
- More Evidence of Mike`s Penchant for `Trick Photography`
- Beautiful Brickwork Here
- Endview of a Stout Counterhurter
- Catching up on Paperwork
- The Water Battery is our Favorite Place Here
- Filling More Notebooks
- Far End of the Water Battery, More Rodmans

New Jersey
- 20 Inch Rodman Gun at Fort Hancock, New Jersey
- Lyle Lifesaving Gun Sandy Hook, N.J.

New York
- An Excellent Museum is Located in the Caponier
- Breech Measurement of the Huge Rodman Gun
- Mike Looks at the Monstrous Muzzle
- That Unmistakable Rodman Profile
- Even the Ammo Weighs a Lot

North Carolina
- Fort Fisher Kure Beach, North Carolina
- Fort Fisher Research
- The Armstrong Rifle at Fort Fisher, North Carolina
- The Battles of Fort Fisher
- 150 Pdr. Armstrong Tube Rests on a Beautiful Carriage Built by John Braxton of Snow Camp, NC
- End of the Fence Today
- The Land Face at Ft. Fisher
- Flags Flying at Fort Fisher
- 150 Pdr. Armstrong Rifle, Purdie Battery Sea-Face, Fort Fisher, North Carolina
- The View From Shepherd`s Battery
- Right Trunnion Markings on 150 Pdr. Armstrong
- Function of Upper Carriage Wheels
- The Rifling of the 150 Pdr. Armstrong Rifle
- An Extremely Heavy Duty Chassis is Needed to Support the Heavy Tube and Upper Carriage
- The Mysterious Muzzle-Face Hooks
- A Thumb-Nail Sketch
- Seashore Residences in Kure Beach Line the Fort Fisher Road
- Bow of the C.S.S. Neuse in Kinston, North Carolina
- C.S.S. Neuse Armor Plates
- Iron Spikes Large and Small Join the Ship`s Timbers

South Carolina
- Castle Pickney
- Ft. Sumter, Charleston, South Carolina
- An Excellent Replacement Casemate Carriage
- Most Destroyed Salient of Ft. Sumter
- Fort Sumter`s Parade
- 100 Pdr. Parrott at Ft. Sumter
- 100 Pdr. Upper Carriage Detail
- Offset Lathe Centers
- Ft. Sumter Iron Seacoast Casemate Carriage
- Rear Sight Holder 100 Pdr. Parrott
- Front of Casemate Chassis
- Plentiful Pink Platforms
- Fired from Federal Naval Battery on Morris Island
- An original Counterhurter
- Cumming`s Point on Morris Island
- Mortar Position View of Ft. Sumter
- Fort Johnson Powder Magazine
- Plaque on Powder Magazine
- Charleston, SC Skyline
- The New Cooper River Bridge
- Only in Charleston
- Jack Thompson, Phenomenal Tourguide
- Cool Meter Cover
- Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon
- December Sunset Charleston, South Carolina
- Looking for Directions?
- White Point Garden Looking West
- Plaque in White Point Garden
- 10 Inch Columbiads in White Point Garden
- 11 Inch Dahlgren Shell Gun
- USS Keokuk`s Shaved Muzzle, 11 Inch Dahlgren Gun
- Fort Moultrie, South Carolina
- The Bastion`s Salient
- We Carry This Book Everywhere
- More of Mike`s Trick Photography
- One of Fort Moultrie`s Magazines
- Business-End of the 7 Inch Treble-Banded Brooke Rifle
- 7 Inch Treble-Banded Brooke Rifle
- The Off-Center Vent
- Rear Sight Holder Mounting Holes
- Elevating Screw Seat Mounting Holes
- Cascable Trunnion Strap Notch
- Unusual Breech Reinforce Configuration
- Another Breech View
- Fort Moultrie Seacoast Barbette Mount
- 15 Inch Rodmans en Barbette
- A BIG Seacoast Gun
- Ft. Moultrie Artillery Row

- Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River
- The Confederate Gunner`s View
- Water Battery Gun
- The 10 Inch Columbiad Used During the Battle
- All Original Guns Here, Quite Impressive

- The Tredegar Works
- Muzzle of the Vandenberg Volley Gun
- Breech of The Vandenberg
- The Tredegar Works Museum
- The Volley Gun Plaque
- Rain or Shine the Research Goes On
- These Carriage Timbers Display Checking
- Upper Carriage Hardware Details
- Full Scale Gun Drill at Fort Monroe, Virginia
- The Casemate Seacoast Gun Carriage and Crew
- Rodman Test Battery
- Casemate Museum Ft. Monroe
- Another Out-of-the-Way Place You Should Visit
- Drewry`s Bluff Has Lots of Interpretive Signs
- The Rebel View of the James
- The First Marine Medal of Honor

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